Every week a TV show, a scene.

Spoilers ahead!!

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NCIS: Tony is on Team Edward!!!!

NCIS 7x13 Jet Lag

Tony just finished the Twilight Saga.
He's on Team Edward!!!

The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon vs. Windows 7

The Big Bang Theory 3x13 The Bozeman Reaction

Sheldon has a new computer with windows 7.
Windows 7 is much more user-frienly than windows vista.
He doesn't like that.

Legend of a Seeker, Cara and Kahlan

Legend of a Seeker 2x08 Light

Kahlan is hurt.
The awesome Mord'Sith Cara uses her agiel on Kahlan.
And Kahlan faints.
Cara's face is funny!!

Chuck and Sarah: reunion

Chuck 3x01 Chuck vs the Pink Slip

Chuck is back in the game.
Wait It Out (Imogen Heap), this song is lovely.
And the kiss is devastating!!

Doctor Who Worst Rescue Ever!!!

Doctor who: The End of Time, Part Two

The Master is nuts (hello?)
God bless the cactuses!
That's racist!
The Doctor goes: No. No. No. No. Worst Rescue Ever!!

Doctor Who and his "car"

Doctor who: The End of Time, Part One

The Ood calls the Doctor
Doctor locks the tardis like a car
It's hard to make laugh an Ood

Sanctuary: Tesla and his vampire children

Sanctuary 2x10 Sleepers

The vampire simphony becomes french canadian rock'n roll
Tesla is the best!!

Dexter: Born on Blood (season finale)

Dexter 4x12 The Getaway

Dexter finds Rita in the tub.
Harrison. Born on Blood.